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HSCN Compliance Operating Model

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This document describes the end state for the Compliance process for HSCN (referred to as 'HSCN Compliance'). It details the processes, organisation, people, information, and technology required to achieve and maintain Compliance.

Glossary of terms

Term Definition
Authoritative Technology Services Provides the support for Domain Name Service and Network Time Protocol to be consumed by other HSCN components and applications that transit HSCN.
CAS(T) standards NCSC Security Standards for telecommunications service providers.
Compliance or HSCN Compliance or HSCN Compliant A status as detailed in this document and as updated by the HSCN Authority from time to time throughout the Term and notified to the Supplier
Consumer or HSCN Consumer Means the recipient of HSCN Connectivity Services.
CN-SP An organisation that is supplying or is approved to supply HSCN Connectivity Services having achieved the appropriate HSCN Compliance
CN-SP Deed A deed in the form of the template contained in as executed between the HSCN Authority and a CN-SP
HSCN Assurance Mark Means the HSCN trade mark, short particulars of which are set out in Schedule 4 of the CN-SP Deed
HSCN Connectivity Services Any service which is offered by a CN-SP to provide access to and/or routing over the HSCN
HSCN Obligations Framework The obligations as available at which may be updated from time-to-time by the HSCN Authority
ISO/IEC standards International Management Standards
PSN The Public Services Network
Supplier A supplier (or prospective supplier) of HSCN services
The HSCN CN-SP Service Management Requirement Addendum Means the latest version of the "HSCN CN-SP Service Management Requirement Addendum" as available at

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