GP Connect

GP practice and clinical staff will be able to share and view authorised information and data between IT systems, quickly and efficiently.

How GP Connect will work

GP practices and other sites

GP Connect will support GP practices by making medical information about patients available to the right clinician, across care settings. This will connect health and care data, through:

  • access to the detailed patient record of every practice, at the point of care
  • quicker and more efficient appointment management between practices
  • the ability to book an appointment at a practice from another care setting

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If you are planning to use or provide data via GP Connect APIs (application programming interfaces), please visit our Github development portal for more information, including how to sign up for access.

Phase 1

Care professionals will be able to look up and see different levels of a patient's detailed record, held in general practice. Authorised staff will be able to:

  • view and share the detailed patient record, regardless of the clinical system used
  • view data in a readable format, removing the need to transcribe from one system to another (such as to reduce possible medication errors)
  • support clinical decisions
  • improve patient outcomes and safety
  • Access record view only

  • View GP record.


Authorised users will be able to:

  • view all appointments that a patient has, across GP practices and other sites
  • view all available appointment slots and book or cancel an appointment.