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GP Systems of Choice

GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) was a contractual framework to supply IT systems and services to GP practices and associated organisations in England. The GPSoC Framework ended on 31 March 2018, when a continuity agreement was agreed, to ensure that the essential core services from GPSoC remain available until a replacement GP IT Framework is in place. The GPSoC Continuity period may run until 31 December 2019.

GP practices and organisations allowed to use GPSoC can choose systems that best suit their needs from a range of four principal system suppliers. These are TPP SystmOne, EMIS Web, InPS Vision and Microtest Evolution.

This means practices get a choice of approved systems and save time by not having to run their own procurement. They benefit from discounts through the central purchase and standardised terms and conditions.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) places the order on their behalf, and the government will pay for most of the essential parts (Lot 1). Under the GPSoC continuity agreement, previously available Lot 2 and Lot 3 products will need to be procured and paid for locally by the CCG.



Services available

GPSoC Lot 1 services are IT systems for general practice, they consist of a principal clinical system.

GPSoC is working to enable different IT systems to share data and work together, through two models. 

Pairing integration is when GP principal systems connect individually with 3rd-party suppliers, to add extra functionality to enhance their existing services.

GP Connect is being developed to allow GP principal systems to connect simultaneously to multiple care settings, through a single platform.

SNOMED CT is a structured clinical vocabulary, for use in an electronic health record. It must be adopted by all GP systems used by general practice service providers. It must be used in place of the Read codes (Read v2 and CTV3). It will be deployed to GP practices in a phased approach from April 2018.

GPSoC is supporting suppliers and associated organisations in England with the implementation of SNOMED CT in primary care, by providing guidance and a range of resources.

The current GPSoC contract ends in December 2018. A new GP IT delivery model is being designed that includes commercial, technical and operating arrangements.

We are talking to a wide range of users, stakeholders and suppliers, to help develop this future model. For more information or to be involved, please contact

Further information

  1. internal

    GPSoC services

    GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) was split into 3 sections - Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3 - each providing different IT products and services. Lot 1 services may be centrally procured and funded by the continuity agreement., since 31st March 2018, Lot 2 and 3 services are no longer available through central procurement, these services may still be procured locally by the CCGs, they as they are locally funded services.

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    IM1 Pairing integration

    Pairing integration is the process that allows suppliers to integrate their system with any principal clinical system through an interface mechanism.

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    Supplier requirements and performance reporting

    Our services consistently meet a set of contracted service levels, including service availability, system responsiveness, answering user calls within defined timescales and fault resolution targets.

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    GP Connect

    GP Connect allows authorised clinical staff to share and view GP practice clinical information and data between IT systems, quickly and efficiently.

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    GPSoC agreements

    The 3 GPSoC Lots are bound by the terms and conditions of tailored framework agreements.

  6. internal

    Organisations allowed to use GPSoC

    To use GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) framework agreements, organisations must fit into the list of public sector bodies set out in the original GPSoC OJEU notice.

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    GPSoC Roadmap

    We want to tell commissioners and users what GP IT services will be available, to help them make informed spending decisions.

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    Changes to data sharing functionality in TPP SystmOne

    In early 2018 TPP made a number of changes to their SystmOne Enhance Data Sharing Model (eDSM). This page lists some key actions and recommendations that NHS Digital and NHS England Clinical Leads advise GP Data Controllers to consider.

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    TPP type 2 issue

    NHS Digital’s statement about an error with recording type 2 objections and a message from TPP.

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