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Find out about NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) releases.

Release 10.8 - Friday 13 August 2021 (subject to final testing)

1. Referrer ‘Cancel request’ action – wording change on the completion screen

To further support referring users who use the ‘Cancel request’ action, the wording on the final confirmation screen will be updated. The new wording accommodates different scenarios when ending the referral.

This new wording will display:

“What to do now

You may like to let the patient know if their referral has been cancelled.”

2. Provider Application Programming Interface (API) to support triage responses

From this release, a new API will be available which allow referrals sent to triage services (Referral Assessment Services - RAS) to be accepted (for booking later) or returned to the referrer with advice.

Find out more about e-RS integration.

Release 10.7 - Friday 16 July 2021

New Post-COVID-19 syndrome specialty

In response to user needs in the current situation, we have introduced a new specialty of:

  • Post-COVID-19 syndrome

With the following clinic types:

  • Post-COVID-19 syndrome service
  • Not Otherwise Specified

Providers offering post-COVID-19 services for patients may wish to start using this new specialty to help referrers find their services more easily.

Release 10.6 - Friday 18 June 2021

1. Referrer screen changes

Changes were made to (initial) referring user screens starting from this release. This first phase has introduced a referral summary screen, which provides a new screen detailing all the information that is relevant to the referral in one place. Some of the subsequent action screens have also be re-formatted.

As these changes impact all (initial) referring users (for example, a GP), users should familiarise themselves with these changes as soon as possible.

Review the support information and watch a 16-minute YouTube video (located in the Support section) which explains the all the changes.

These changes have no impact provider users who refer on.

2. Background technical updates

This release has provided further changes to support being able to access e-RS over the Internet. Further information on this will follow shortly.

These changes have no impact current users.

Last edited: 29 July 2021 8:24 am