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Find out about NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) releases.

Release 11.2 - Friday 3 December 2021 (subject to final testing)

1. Change to date shown to patients on RAS/ASI letter 

Based on feedback we have received from users and understanding the current pressure on providers and outpatient services, we are amending the date shown to patients by when they can expect to be contacted by the relevant service provider, following a defer to provider action or the sending of a triage request (for routine referrals only).

Currently this date is calculated as 10 weekdays from the date of the defer to provider action or the sending of a triage request; this date will now change to show 40 weekdays from either of the above actions.

For example, a triage request made on the 4 January would have shown a ‘contact by date’ of 18 January. Following this change, the date would be extended to 1 March.

This change will hopefully allow providers more time to contact their patients about their upcoming appointments and also help manage patient expectations in the current climate.

Providers should ensure that their patient facing contact details are kept up to date and accurate and may like to consider using a single point of contact telephone number for patient enquiries, as recommended in the ‘Good communication with patients waiting for care’ guidance.


2. DICOM files supported

As part of the technical preparatory activities for allowing larger and more file types to be supported by e-RS, this release will allow DICOM file types to be supported by e-RS. However, please note that the existing limits on file sizes will still apply.

This change will only apply to users accessing e-RS through the web-based portal or new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and not through integrated referrer systems.

Release 11.1 - Friday 5 November 2021

1. Changes to referrer worklists

The second phase of changes planned to improve the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) for referring users were implemented in this release. Referring users will notice significant enhancements to their worklists. These changes include:

  • the worklist display changing to a dashboard type format, which provides users with clearer and more valuable information
  • some worklists separated to better present the referral status, improving visibility for users
  • new labels on the dashboard screen allowing users to easily see new and overdue referrals, as well as improved dynamic filtering options

Find out more information about the enhancements and watch a video describing the new worklists.


2. Additional columns for the Advice and Guidance responses enquiry

Based on user feedback, two changes were made to the service providers’ Advice and Guidance responses enquiry.

  • the name of the last service provider clinician (or on behalf of service provider clinician) to have responded to an Advice and Guidance request will appear directly after the 'Last Response Date' column - this will appear in a new column named 'Last Responding Clinician'
  • an indication of whether or not the last responder converted the advice request into a referral will be displayed - in a new column named 'Provider Converted To Referral', directly after the 'Last Responding Clinician' column, with the values presented of either 'Yes' (if converted to a referral) or 'No' (if not converted to a referral)

image shows A&G Enquiry results


These new columns will also be available when exporting the enquiry.

image displays an exported copy of the A&G provider enquiry


3. Advice and Guidance responses enquiry link to support information fixed

The support link available to service providers from the Advice and Guidance responses enquiry is fixed. Users will be directed to support information (N3/HSCN connection required to access this link) about the this enquiry.

Image shows an advice and guidance responses enquiry with link to supporting information highlighted

Last edited: 26 November 2021 4:37 pm