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Find out about NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) releases.

Release 9.5 - Friday 24 July 2020

This release will implement key technical enhancements required to support future planned developments. These changes should have no impact on system users.

Release 9.4.2 - Friday 26 June 2020

1. New extract for information analysts

Information analysts at service provider organisations have access to a new weekly extract, named “Worklist Drop Offs (EBSX12)”, from the reports tab within e-RS.

The extract includes all referrals, from the previous reporting week, that have dropped off the appointment slot issue and appointment for booking worklists, after 180 days of no activity. It does not include any referrals which dropped off before this first reporting week. 

Note: when opening the reveals for previous months/years, no data will be available prior to 22 June 2020. If the extract is available but no data is shown, this means no referrals have dropped off the worklists for this period.

The information contained in the extract allows provider organisations to ensure that they can access all referrals in this state using the UBRN in the extract.

These extracts will be retained on e-RS for an unlimited time.

2. Defect fixes

AG01 – the changes to the organisation codes (introduced in April 2020) caused the data for some trusts to be missing. This has now been fixed.

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