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NHS Digital Buying Catalogue

The Buying Catalogue provides a shop window to view and procure clinical information technology systems from the Digital Care Services frameworks.

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Find out what clinical information solutions are available from procurement frameworks on the Buying Catalogue.

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You will need to register for a user account before you can place orders on the Buying Catalogue.

The Buying Catalogue allows health and care organisations to view different assured clinical IT systems from the procurement frameworks that are part of the Digital Care Services commercial model. It allows users to find, compare and order systems from any of these frameworks.

The Buying Catalogue enables an ever-increasing range of innovative, modern and high-quality IT systems to be presented. They can be reviewed, evaluated and procured. It also provides an efficient, digital process to submit and manage orders. All the products on the Buying Catalogue are known as Catalogue Solutions.

The Buying Catalogue can be used to:
  • compare different IT systems and their capabilities through one website 
  • procure IT systems more easily
  • find IT systems that have been centrally assured and meet relevant technology, data and safety standards

The Buying Catalogue is intended for use by:

  • anyone responsible for procuring and commissioning IT systems
  • anyone working in health and social care who wants to know what centrally assured IT systems are available
  • any suppliers wishing to promote their assured IT systems

Further information

internal Digital Care Services catalogue

The Digital Care Services (DCS) catalogue allows users to buy assured digital tools and systems through approved assurance frameworks. It creates an open, competitive market encouraging companies to invest in primary care.

internal GP IT Futures systems and services

GPs, practice staff, suppliers and buyers in integrated care systems (ICS), commissioning support units (CSUs) and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) can work with us to improve GP IT systems and services.

Last edited: 30 September 2021 4:01 pm