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Cyber Associates Network

NHS Digital and NHS England/X have established a network of cyber security expertise across public-sector health and care.

The Cyber Associates Network (CAN) members should benefit from enhanced knowledge-sharing and networking with peers, professional development as well as the chance to genuinely input and influence national cyber security through supporting the DSC when developing products and services.

The Cyber Associates Network will help the whole health and care community to:

  • become more resilient to cyber security threats
  • embrace technological change
  • maintain patient safety

An overview of the Cyber Associates Network

The network is being developed to provide a specialist health and care ‘resource’ for NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre and NHS England’s cyber security teams. They can:

  • get direct and relevant support to test, review and deploy cyber-related products and services
  • build relationships
  • better understand local priorities around data security

Benefits of being part of the Cyber Associates Network

The Cyber Associates Network is aimed at professionals with responsibility for or an interest in cyber security, including board members, IT leads, security professionals and cyber tech experts. Membership is free and offers a range of benefits, which include:


  • opportunities to shape and influence the health and care cyber-security landscape by sharing best practice, lessons and advice across the CAN member network
  • invitation to CAN-only seminars and events where you will have the opportunity to network with other members, along with to senior leaders and subject-matter experts, drawn from the DSC, NHSX and the wider security profession


  • advanced access to new and enhanced cyber-security products, services and innovations from the DSC
  • opportunities to pilot, test and develop DSC initiatives to build future cyber products, tools and services


  • priority access to personal and professional development opportunities; e-learning, and potentially accredited qualifications in the future
  • develop the CAN into the future as a peer-led network, as well as support CAN sub-groups locally


  • direct support and guidance through our cyber security support model on how to identify (onsite assessment), fix (technical remediation) and embed (in strategy, risk, policy and culture) data and cyber security within your organisation, in addition to our standard threat monitoring and intelligence services
  • opportunities to feedback directly and candidly to the DSC about how we can improve our service offer, for the greater benefit of the whole sector

Membership benefits outweigh your level of commitment, but we do expect members to:

  • commit to sharing good practice and lessons-learned across the network, regionally and nationally
  • support development of cyber security across the system by acting as our critical friend, through testing, inputting ideas and providing relevant feedback – either physically or virtually
  • encourage advocacy, and build a robust network of the right contacts, ready to work collaboratively in any future health and care cyber crisis
  • encourage personal development and formal qualifications to build a highly skilled health and care cyber workforce

We will keep the Cyber Associates Network webpages updated as the network develops.  

We are always on the lookout for new members so, if you have other colleagues who you think may be interested in joining the Cyber Associates Network, please get in touch.  For more information or with any questions or comments, contact

Results of the first Cyber Associates Network members survey

We recently surveyed our current membership to find out what members want and need from the burgeoning network. We had a great response with around half of our current membership giving us feedback.

Results of the survey

Here's a summary of the feedback which we hope you find interesting.

The feedback provided was invaluable and we plan to carry out regular engagement to make sure the Cyber Associates Network remains continuously relevant and is delivering what members want and need from the network.

Based on the results we now have a better understanding of how you want to be communicated with, what interests members most and the kind of offers/requests for support to target individuals and organisational members with.

We are also about to start a recruitment campaign to the network, to enhance current membership and grow opportunities to share and learn. 

In the meantine, if you have any colleagues who may be interested in joining, information about the network can be found on this page or by emailing:   

And don’t forget to join us on LinkedIn! 

Find out more or register

Join our online community of staff working across health and social care  - request access to the Cyber Associates Network platform.


Telephone: 0300 303 5678

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