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Cyber security support model

At NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre we support health and care organisations to meet their cyber security responsibilities, so they can help keep patients safe. 

To help your organisation improve its response and resilience to cyber security incidents, we’ve developed the cyber security support model, a free service tailored to your organisation’s needs and priorities.

The cyber security support model

The cyber security support model is made up of:

To ensure your board is also equipped, we offer GCHQ-certified board training, exploring the leadership challenge for key decision makers in cyber and data security. This training underpins our cyber security support model and enables your organisation to move to its phases as needed.

By using our services you will be able to achieve, or work towards, a number of accreditations and requirements. These are the:

  • mandatory Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation
  • Data Security and Protection Toolkit standard
  • Network and Information Systems directive
  • cyber security element of the well-led section of CQC inspections

We will promote best practice to help you securely transform your digital services.

The nature of cyber security is ever changing, so we offer ongoing support and reassessment to help your organisation be cyber secure.

Video explanation of cyber security support model

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Last edited: 30 August 2019 1:30 pm