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Annual information published on cost of NHS estate

Information relating to the costs of providing, maintaining and servicing the NHS estate has been published by NHS Digital today.

Information relating to the costs1 of providing, maintaining and servicing the NHS estate has been published by NHS Digital today.
The Estates Return Information Collection, 2020-21 (ERIC) includes national and local level information from all NHS Trusts in England that delivered secondary care and ambulance services between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021.
Data was received from 216 trusts including 10 ambulance trusts.
The report includes information at trust and site level, including those trusts operating under a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) arrangement.
It includes comparisons with the previous year at national level in key areas such as:

  • Financial information
  • Safety
  • Buildings – quality, function, area and utilisation of space
  • Utilities – energy and water
  • Waste
  • Car parking
  • Inpatient food, laundry and linen, cleaning and portering services2

The scope and content of the ERIC collection are reviewed annually to ensure that the information gathered is necessary for, and relevant to, monitoring efficiencies and the funding of the NHS estate.

Read the full report

Estates Return Information Collection, 2020-21

Notes for editors

  1. The collection does not include costs relating to the delivery of primary medical, dental or community care, unless those services are provided by staff based in premises owned or operated by secondary care providers. In this case, an element of those costs will be included, but not separately identified.

  2. Any costs, capital and/or revenue related to COVID-19 incurred during the reporting year are not included in the figures where they were allocated to a specific trust-wide Covid-19 budget.  However, any additional costs allocated to pay and non-pay budgets in specific areas such as cleaning, waste and energy relating to Covid-19 were included where they could not be identified and removed.

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