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Message Implementation Manuals (MiMs)

The Message Implementation Manual (MiM) is the formal specification of the HL7 V3 messaging on the Spine.


The Spine Message Implementation Manual (MiM) is the formal specification of the vast majority of our HL7 V3 APIs.

Some more recent HL7 V3 APIs have separate Domain Message Specifications and are not included in the MiM. You can find these via our API and integration catalogue.

The MiM should be read in conjunction with the Spine External Interface Specification (EIS) which describes the general shape of the API, including the SOAP wrapper format, and how to build a Message Handling Service (MHS) to interact with Spine.

There are currently four versions of the MiM. Unless you are already using an older version, you should use the latest version - 7.2.02.

How to use the MiM

For MiM 7.2.02 click to download the zip file and extract all the files into a folder on your local PC.  Select the index file to view the MiM.

For all other MiM versions below, right click to open the website in a new tab.

To find a particular interaction in the MiM:

  1. From the left nav, select a service (domain) category, for example for PDS select 'Domains - Administrative'
  2. Then select the service (domain), for example 'PDS'
  3. Navigate to section 6 to see the interactions
  4. To download an XML schema, click the envelope icon below the table
  5. To view the message details in a table, click the link next to 'Message Type' and click the table icon

Retired MiM domains

Fully retired MiM domains

The following HL7 v3 MiM domains are fully retired, meaning they are no longer available for use:

  • Admissions
  • Ambulance Messaging
  • Common Assessment Framework (Health & Social Care Integration)
  • Diagnostic Image Reporting
  • Discharge
  • Emergency Department
  • Health Space
  • Mental Health
  • NHS Direct
  • Out of hours
  • Outpatients
  • Sealed Envelopes

Partly retired MiM domains

Most other MiM domains are partly retired, meaning that some versions or some interactions are no longer available for use.

If you want to know if a specific MiM domain version or interaction is available for use, contact us.


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