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General Practice Extraction Service - HL7 V3 API

Send anonymised or patient-identifiable data from GP clinical systems to the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) for planning and research.

This API is retired and is no longer available for use. Use the GPES MESH API instead.


Use this API to send patient data from General Practice (GP) clinical systems to General Practice Extraction Service (GPES). This data can then be used for planning and research. 

You can:

  • receive requests for data
  • send requested data

For example, the GPES data for pandemic planning and research is used to support the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This data is used to analyse healthcare information about patients, for the duration of the coronavirus emergency period.

API status

This API is retired and is no longer available for use. It has been replaced by a GPES messaging API which runs over MESH.

Although the API is retired, we do still allow GP software systems to be authorised to access the GPES HL7 v3 interactions within the Spine Directory Service. We do this because it's an easy way for us to know which GP software is in active use at a given GP practice.


This API is an HL7 V3 API. 

For more details, see HL7 V3.

Message Handling System (MHS) adaptor

To remove the complexity of building your own Message Handling System, we offer a pre-assured, client side MHS adaptor that you can integrate into your own infrastructure.

It makes it easier to connect to the NHS Spine and perform business operations by exposing a RESTful API that confirms to the HL7 V3 standard


For a full list of interactions for this API, see the GPES Domain Message Specification.

Last edited: 22 October 2021 4:22 pm