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Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, England (Contraception) 2020/21

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Re-issue of publication

This publication was re-issued after missing data was identified at some providers.

Following collection of the missing data, the total number of contacts increased by 33,579 (+2.2%). All figures have been updated to reflect this change.

28 October 2021 12:00 PM

Part 4: Sterilisations and vasectomies


This part includes data on sterilisations and vasectomies taking place at SRH services and in NHS hospitals. NHS hospitals data is extracted from NHS Digital’s Hospital Episode Statistics (HES). See part C of the Appendices for a full list of sterilisation and vasectomy HES procedure codes. 

A female sterilisation is an operation that necessitates a stay in hospital, and so all data relates to NHS hospitals.

Vasectomies may be performed as operations requiring a hospital stay, or as procedures in outpatient departments and SRH services clinics. Most are performed as day cases in hospital outpatient departments.

Sterilisation and vasectomy procedures recorded at SRH services or in NHS hospitals

Sterilisation procedures by year (NHS Hospitals)

The number of sterilisations performed in NHS hospitals has fallen from 15,189 in 2010/11 to 12,144 in 2019/20, a decrease of 20%.

In 2020/21 there was a larger fall to 7,665, which is 37% less than 2019/20.

Vasectomy procedures by year (SRH services and NHS Hospitals)

Prior to 2015/16, there had been a long-term decline in the number of vasectomies performed, with the number falling by 43% between 2010/11 (19,510) and 2014/15 (11,113). The number then stabilised until 2019/20 at around 11 to 12 thousand per year.

In 2020/21, the number fell to 4,486, which is 63% less than 2019/20.


For more information: Data tables 1 and 12

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