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Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (Contraception)


Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (Contraception)

COVID-19 and the production of statistics

Due to the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) there have been some changes in terms of our regular statistical production. The collection of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity data is currently paused and therefore the production of this publication series is on hold. Decisions to pause this collection have taken into account the three pillars of the Code of Practice for Statistics (Trustworthiness, Quality and Value). Giving everyone access to statistics at the same time remains a fundamental principle of the Code, but where this cannot be maintained we will be open and transparent about this and any other potential effects on our statistics. These decisions will be underpinned by the Office for Statistics Regulation’s guidance on changes to statistical outputs during the coronavirus outbreak (see

We will keep you informed as developments unfold. We remain committed to providing the best and most accurate information we can, serving the public good at a time when it is needed the most.