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Psychological Therapies: reports on the use of IAPT services, England, September 2021 Final including reports on the IAPT pilots and Quarter 2 data 2021-22

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Quarterly files have been updated due to the following CCGs being excluded from the CCG-Provider breakdowns: A3A8R, B2M3M, D2P2L, D4U1Y, D9Y0V, M1J4Y, M2L0M, W2U3Z, X2C4Y. There are no errors with previous published data.

The Quarterly Interactive Dashboard was published on 18 February 2022, it had previously been delayed due to a technical issue.

Please note the timeseries data in this publication was updated on 10 March 2022 to include revised data, for some providers, for the period September 2020 to May 2021. The core data for September 2021 is unaffected. This is following a one-off resubmission exercise that took place in August 2021 and covered the data period September 2020 to May 2021 inclusive.

3 February 2022 13:06 PM

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NHS Digital also publishes a wide range of information about activity in the IAPT programme within the month.

40.2% of all referrals that ended completed a course of treatment

The chart below shows the relative volumes of referrals that were received, had accessed services, ended, and finished a course of treatment in each month.

There is a degree of seasonality in these volumes, with slightly less activity around December. There is higher activity where there are more working days in the month such as July.

It is important to note that these numbers are not based on the same group of referrals as each other. A referral that was received in September 2021 did not necessarily access services in this month, and is less likely again to have ended in the month.

The number of referrals that finished a course of treatment is a subset of all referrals that ended in the month. In September 2021, 40.2% of referrals that ended had finished a course of IAPT treatment. Referrals can end having had different levels of contact with the service; these are shown in the chart below.

The chart below shows a further breakdown of the referrals that finished a course of treatment in Quarter 2 2021/22.

[To be added once the data issues have been fixed]

Each quarter, more detailed data are published about activity. The most recent quarterly data, Quarter 1 2021/22⁴, can be found at:

⁴ Percentages for each variable will not sum to 100% as a subgroup was either not recorded or was recorded using an invalid code for some records.

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