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Psychological Therapies: reports on the use of IAPT services, England September 2019 Final including reports on the IAPT pilots and Quarter 2 2019-20 data

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Waiting Times

Waiting times

One of the stated targets of the IAPT programme is that for referrals finishing a course of treatment in the month, 75% enter treatment within 6 weeks, and 95% within 18 weeks5. These are based on the waiting time between the referral date and the first attended treatment appointment.

In September 2019, this calculation is performed as follows:

43,720 / 50,103 * 100 = 87.3%

Sub-national waiting times rates are published in the Monthly Activity Data File as columns ‘FirstTreatment6WeeksFinishedCourseRate’ and  ‘FirstTreatment18WeeksFinishedCourseRate’.

87.3% of referrals waited less than 6 weeks to enter treatment

The chart below shows that, nationally, waiting times measures have consistently been above the target, particularly the proportion seen within 6 weeks.

For an explanation of the terms used and further information about how measures are calculated in IAPT see the 'Guide to IAPT data and publications' at



5See p16-17 of The Mandate: A mandate from the Government to NHS England: April 2015 to March 2016, available at:

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