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Patients Registered at a GP Practice - April 2020

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Patients Registered at a GP Practice - April 2020


Data for this publication are extracted each month as a snapshot in time from the GP Payments system (Open Exeter) maintained by NHS Digital. This release is an accurate snapshot as at 01 April 2020.

GP Practice; Primary Care Network (PCN); Sustainability and transformation partnership (STP); Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS England Commissioning Region level data are released in single year of age (SYOA) and 5-year age bands, both of which finish at 95+, split by gender. In addition, organisational mapping data is available to derive STP; PCN; CCG; and Commissioning Region associated with a GP practice and is updated each month to give relevant organisational mapping. A change to NHS geographies was implemented on 01 April 2020 and the publication will reflect this mapping.

Quarterly publications in January, April, July and October will include Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) populations and a spotlight report.

Note: An error was identified with the consistency of the mapping CSV file compared to other Patients registered at a GP practice monthly publications. This error was regarding the order and names of some of the columns and was corrected on 27/10/2020. The mapping file subsequently has the suffix _v2 to reflect this update.


Patients Registered at GP practices in England as at 01 April 2020


more registered patients as at 01 April 2020, compared to 01 March 2020

Spotlight report

The spotlight report for April 2020 is the number of patients registered compared to the projected resident population in England

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