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NHS Payments to General Practice England, 2020/21

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Although the figures in this publication feed the England data for the Investment in General Practice report, the two publications are distinct and not directly comparable, for reasons outlined in the Coherence and Comparability section of the Background Data Quality.


The UK-level Investment in General Practice Official Statistics series has been withdrawn. From 2020, each country will produce and publish its own report and we will provide links to these reports once they are released.

25 November 2021 09:30 AM

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Author, copyright and licensing

Author: Primary Care Workforce Team, NHS Digital

Responsible Statistician: Alyson Whitmarsh

Published by NHS Digital, part of the Government Statistical Service

Copyright © 2021, Health and Social Care Information Centre. The Health and Social Care Information Centre is a non-departmental body created by statute, also known as NHS Digital.

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