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NHS Payments to General Practice England, 2020/21

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NHS Payments to General Practice England, 2020/21

Although the figures in this publication feed the England data for the Investment in General Practice report, the two publications are distinct and not directly comparable, for reasons outlined in the Coherence and Comparability section of the Background Data Quality.


The UK-level Investment in General Practice Official Statistics series has been withdrawn. From 2020, each country will produce and publish its own report and we will provide links to these reports once they are released.

25 November 2021 09:30 AM


NHS Payments to General Practice, England 2020/21 provides information on NHS payments to individual providers of general practice services in England. Figures are given for the main payment categories - which include Global Sum, Balance of PMS expenditure, Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) and Local Incentive Schemes.

It is not a record of the amount of money available for direct patient care, nor the total invested in patient care through general practice. Instead, it constitutes the majority of actual monies paid to practices for all activities and costs during the 2020/21 financial year.

Payments relating to Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are included covering seven categories PCN Participation, PCN Leadership, PCN Support, PCN Workforce, PCN Care Home Premium, PCN Extended Hours Access and PCN Investment and Impact Fund.

The pandemic affected the way General Practice operated in 2020/21 and placed additional responsibilities on GP practices for which they received additional payments. Two additional categories have been added to the report for COVID-19 related payments, COVID-19 Support and Expansion and COVID-19 Immunisation.

£3,980.3 million

for Global Sum

£1,564.8 million

for Balance of PMS Expenditure

£800.5 million

for premises payments

£720.1 million

for the Quality and Outcomes Framework

Nationally the NHS paid on average £159.61 per registered patient

Average payments per patient at CCG, region or national level should be treated with caution as some patients may be double-counted – for example due to practice closure. Conversely no information relating to patient list size is known for 108 practices.


Average payment per patient amounts should not be compared with those presented prior to the 2018/19 edition of this publication due to a change in methodology in 2018/19. Revised amounts at England level for 2016/17 and 2017/18 have been calculated and are presented in the Executive Summary.


Please refer to the Patient List Size in the Data Quality section for more detail.

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