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NHS Outcomes Framework Indicators - May 2017 Release

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The NHS Outcomes Framework (NHS OF) is a set of indicators developed by the Department of Health to monitor the health outcomes of adults and children in England. The framework provides an overview of how the NHS is performing. This report provides information about the indicators updated in this release.

Key Facts

The May 2017 release includes both new and revised data. New national, sub-national and demographic indicator values are now available for the following indicators:

  • 1c Neonatal mortality and stillbirths
  • 1.6.i Infant mortality
  • 1.6.ii Five-year survival from all cancers in children
  • 2.2 Employment of people with long-term conditions
  • 2.5.i Employment of people with mental illness
  • 5.6 Patient safety incidents reported

Revised data have been made available for the following indicator:

  • 1b Life expectancy at 75 - i. Male ii. Female

The population column for this indicator previously showed counts of adults aged between 75 and 79, but this age group was used in error. It is more appropriate to show counts for all adults aged 75 and over because the life expectancy indicator value is essentially a summary of the mortality rates for the 75 and over age group. The population column has now been updated to reflect this.

This issue also affects the calculation of the slope index of inequality (SII) and relative index of inequality (RII) values. These values were previously calculated using the 75 to 79 population but have now been recalculated using the 75 and over populations.

The confidence intervals for the SII and RII have also been updated for this indicator, using a new methodology. A new simulation method was developed by Public Health England (PHE) and this has been used to revise the confidence intervals in the May data file. Please see the May NHS OF commentary report for further details of the changes for this indicator.

The following indicator was due to be published in the May release but the source data has not been updated. It is not known when the source data will be updated, the date will be added to the publication schedule when known.

  • 4.6 Improving the experience of care for people at the end of their lives

The latest Excel and CSV data files, indicator specifications and data quality statements for the above indicators are available from the zip files in the resources section below. Please note that these data files will not be updated when new data for these indicators are released.

The latest Excel and CSV data files, indicator specifications and data quality statements for all indicators are available from the most recent NHS Outcomes Framework publication. A link is provided in the resources section below.

The government's open data policy is about making data easy to find, easy to use and free to access. The website supports this policy by bringing datasets from government departments and public sector bodies together in one place. You can explore NHS Outcomes Framework indicator data on the website using the link in the resources section below.

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