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NHS Outcomes Framework Indicators - Autumn 2011 Release

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The NHS Outcomes Framework indicators form part of the NHS Outcomes Framework, which provides national-level accountability for the outcomes the NHS delivers and drives transparency, quality improvement and outcome measurement throughout the NHS.

Key Facts

The latest Excel and CSV data files, indicator specifications and data quality statements for all indicators are available from the most recent NHS Outcomes Framework publication. A link is provided in the resources section below.

New age-standardised mortality indicators for respiratory disease and liver disease are published for the first time.

The two indicators show that for England in 2009, on an age-standardised basis among people aged below 75:

About 20 women and 29 men per 100,000 of the population died from respiratory disease; compared to about 22 and 33 per 100,000 respectively in 2001.

About 10 women and 19 men per 100,000 of the population died from liver disease; compared to about 9 women and 16 men in 2001.

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