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NHS Outcomes Framework Indicators - August 2020 Release

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The NHS Outcomes Framework (NHS OF) is a set of indicators developed by the Department of Health and Social Care to monitor the health outcomes of adults and children in England. The framework provides an overview of how the NHS is performing. This report provides information about the indicators updated in this release.

Due to the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) and the need to release capacity across the NHS to support the response, the publication of the NHS Outcomes Framework will be paused for November 2020. The publication will next be released in February 2021, and will include updates to all indicators where new data has been made available since the August 2020 release.

NHS OF Indicators Consultation

NHS Digital are consulting on a change to the frequency of publication of the NHS OF from quarterly to annual. Give your opinion.

The consultation will run from Friday 12 February 2021 to Friday 12 March 2021.

The August 2020 release provides new data for the following indicators:

  • 2.2 Employment of people with long-term conditions
  • 2.5.i Employment of people with mental illness
  • 4b Patient experience of hospital care
  • 4.2 Responsiveness to inpatients’ personal needs

The following indicators have been signposted to a publication which will cover a new data period:

  • 5.2.i Incidents of healthcare associated infection (HCAI) - MRSA
  • 5.2.ii Incidents of healthcare associated infection (HCAI) - C. Difficile

The following indicators have not been updated with new data periods due to availability of data:

  • 3.5.ii Hip fracture: Proportion of patients recovering to their previous levels of mobility at 120 days

The Excel and CSV data files, indicator specifications and data quality statements for the indicators updated in this publication are available from the zip files in the resources section below. Please note, these data files will not be updated when new data for these indicators are released.

The latest Excel and CSV data files, indicator specifications and data quality statements for all indicators are available from the most recent NHS Outcomes Framework publication. A link is provided in the resources section below. 

The government's open data policy is about making data easy to find, easy to use and free to access. The website supports this policy by bringing datasets from government departments and public sector bodies together in one place. You can explore NHS Outcomes Framework indicator data on the website using the link in the resources section below.

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