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NHS Maternity Statistics - England, 2013-14

Official statistics
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Hospital Trusts, Primary Care Trusts, Country, NHS Trusts, Provider, Regions, Hospital and Community Health Services
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01 Apr 2013 to 31 Mar 2014


Update: (January 2016) Please note, a correction has been made to the NHS Maternity Statistics Tables and the Summary Report; Table 3F of NHS Maternity Statistics Tables has been updated to correct the 'unknown' percentage figures. Charts 1 and 2 of the Summary report have been updated to correct the time series charts (Nb. The supporting data for the charts is correct and remains unchanged).

Update: (02 November 2015) Data Quality Note.  An error was identified and corrected in tables 'Organisations with data extracted on 20 June 2014' and 'Organisations with shortfalls / missing data' of the annual Data Quality Note, where providers who had corrected their shortfalls since the provisional HES publication had not been updated. This was not an error in the data, only in the data quality note.

Update: (26 March 2015) Provider Level Analysis released.

Update: (March 2015) Please note, a correction has been made to Table 2 of Appendix 3 in the Summary Report; cell 2013-14 'anaesthetics used before or during delivery'.

Update: (25 February 2015) the summary report containing headline figures has been replaced by detailed analysis and additional Excel files have been released.

For the 2013-14 financial year, Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) has collected records detailing episodes of admitted patient care delivered by NHS hospitals in England. These records include details of each delivery which takes place in an NHS hospital.

This report covers the period from April 2013 to March 2014 and draws on over 640,000 detailed records of deliveries in NHS hospitals. 

This publication is released in three phases:
January 2015 - Headline figures published  ; February 2015 - Detailed analysis published ; March 2015 - Provider level analysis published


In 2013-14:

  • The number of deliveries taking place in NHS hospitals has decreased by 3.6 per cent since 2012-13 to 646,904.
  • Nearly two thirds (61.8 per cent, 343,797) of deliveries were spontaneous onset; 13.6 per cent (75,798) were medically induced and 13.2 per cent (73,486) were caesarean onset.
  • 386,937 (60.9 per cent) of deliveries in NHS hospitals were spontaneous deliveries. The percentage of caesarean deliveries has slightly increased to 26.2 per cent (166,081), with a 0.7 percentage point increase from 2012-13.


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