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Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics Performance November, Provisional December 2020

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Release of 'End of Year' data and other updates

Release of 'End of Year' data

From April 2020 onwards, NHS Digital has been implementing a multiple submission window model (MSWM) for MHSDS. This allows providers to retrospectively submit data for a specific reporting period once the initial provisional and performance submission windows have closed.  Please click on 'Multiple Submission Window Model' under 'Related Links' at the bottom of this page for further information.

Throughout summer 2021, NHS Digital intends to release 'End of Year' versions of the main monthly csv files for each of the 11 months between April 2020 and February 2021 which reflect these revised 2020/21 MSWM submissions that occurred after 'Performance' monthly data had already been published. 

'End of Year' data for 8 months within this range was released on 9 August 2021. Data for a further month (June 2020) was released on 23 August 2021, whilst data for the remaining 2 months in the range (April 2020 and May 2020) will be published in due course.

'End of Year' versions of the 'Mental Health Act' and 'Restrictive Interventions' CSV files have been released where applicable also.

New Restrictive Interventions measures

As part of an improvement initiative, the two existing Restrictive Interventions measures (MHS76 and MHS77) were supplemented by four new measures (MHS96, MHS97, MHS98 and MHS99) from Performance April 2021 onwards and made available in a standalone 'Restrictive Interventions New' CSV File.  Further information is available here.  This CSV file has now been generated for historic monthly reporting periods for each month between September 2020 and March 2021.

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