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Healthcare Workforce Statistics - September 2018, Experimental - Publication delayed from 21 February 2019 to 25 April 2019 for operational reasons.

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This is an overview document covering the Healthcare workforce as at September 2018 and refers to numbers of staff in three areas:

i) Those directly employed by the NHS in Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS)

ii) GPs and their staff

iii) A proportion of the staff working in Independent Healthcare Providers (see key facts below).

More information on all of these areas are available within the accompanying documents and also via the 'Related Links' section below. This includes a link to the Independent Healthcare Provider Workforce report.

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Key Facts

• As at 30 September 2018 there were 1,240,853 full time equivalent (FTE) staff working for the NHS, an increase of 25,018 (2.1 per cent) since September 2017.

Of these:

- 1,111,359 FTE staff were working for NHS Hospital and Community Health Services in England, an increase of 22,659 (2.1 per cent) since September 2017. This covers staff working in NHS Trusts and CCGs, Central Bodies and Support Organisations.

- 129,494 FTE staff were working in General Practice, an increase of 2,360 (1.9 per cent) since September 2017.

• In addition, there were 48,272 FTE staff working for Independent Healthcare Providers in September 2018, based on those organisations that provided data to NHS Digital or whose data could be extracted from the ESR.

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