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Healthcare Workforce Statistics, March 2017, Experimental

Official statistics, Experimental statistics
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Country, Primary Care Organisations, GP practices, Dental practices, Pharmacies and clinics, Regions
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30 Sep 2015 to 31 Mar 2017


This is an overview document covering the Healthcare workforce as at March 2017 and refers to numbers of staff in three areas:

Those directly employed by the NHS in Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS)
GPs and their staff
Those working in the Independent Sector.
Please note, there are several other NHS workforce reports published on the same day as this one, these include;

Two GP publications, one showing detailed information for March 2017, the other relates to provisional high level information for June 2017.
Several reports covering HCHS staff in NHS, including the monthly NHS HCHS workforce (with additional quarterly information), staff earnings and sickness absence.
Links to these and other related publications are available below.

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As at 31 March 2017 there were 1.21 million full time equivalent (FTE) staff working for the NHS, an increase of 21,400 (1.8 per cent) since March 2016, of these:

i). 1.10 million FTE staff were working for the NHS Hospital and Community Health Services in England, an increase of 21,800 (2.1 per cent) since March 2016. This covers staff working in NHS Trusts and CCGs, Central Bodies and Support Organisations to NHS.

ii). 125,000 FTE staff were working in General Practice.

iii). The figures presented for the Independent Sector have reduced from 41,600 to 41,300 FTE from March 2016 to March 2017. Despite an increase in the total number of organisations submitting data, this decrease is primarily due to improvements in data quality


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