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Community Services Statistics April 2019

Experimental statistics
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NHS Trusts, Hospital Trusts
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01 Apr 2019 to 30 Apr 2019


This is a monthly report on publicly funded community services for children, young people and adults using data from the Community Services Data Set (CSDS) reported in England for April 2019. The CSDS is a patient-level dataset and has been developed to help achieve better outcomes for children, young people and adults. It provides data that will be used to commission services in a way that improves health, reduces inequalities, and supports service improvement and clinical quality. These services can include NHS Trusts, health centres, schools, mental health trusts, and local authorities. The data collected in CSDS includes personal and demographic information, diagnoses including long-term conditions and disabilities and care events plus screening activities. These statistics are classified as experimental and should be used with caution. Experimental statistics are new official statistics undergoing evaluation. They are published in order to involve users and stakeholders in their development and as a means to build in quality at an early stage. More information about experimental statistics can be found on the UK Statistics Authority website. We hope this information is helpful and would be grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to complete a short customer satisfaction survey. Please use the survey in the related links to provide us with any feedback or suggestions for improving the report.

Key Facts

This report contains key information based on the submissions that have been made by providers to the Community Services Data Set (CSDS) collection and focuses on data relating to activity that occurred in April 2019 as follows:
* 127 providers submitted at least the minimum data for the CSDS. Of these, 126 providers submitted referrals data and 118 providers submitted care contact data.
* There were 1,022,574 referrals received across all submitters of referral data, relating to 780,774 patients. Of these, 209,683 referrals related to 186,071 children and young people (aged 0-18).
* Of these 1,022,574 referrals above, 812,772 referrals related to 594,624 adults (aged over 18). 18 per cent of total referrals were for patients with ages over 85.
* There were 7,862,314 care contacts with 2,278,019 patients, across all submitters of care contact data. Of these, 1,765,051 contacts related to 813,916 children and young people.
* Of these 7,862,314 care contacts above, 6,096,590 contacts related to 1,464,072 adults. 21 per cent of total care contacts were for patients with ages over 85.
* 52 providers submitted immunisation data. Across these submitters, 244,267 immunisations for children and young people were reported.
* There were 284,889 health visitor appointments for children and young people reported by submitters of care activity data. This accounts for 14 per cent of all care activities where an activity code was recorded for this group.


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