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Appointments in General Practice, March 2023

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April 2023 Publication Delay

Due to an issue with data processing the publication of the Appointments in General practice April 2023 data has been delayed. Data will now be published on Wednesday 31st May 2023.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

23 May 2023 14:45 PM

Informatica Data Removed for March 2023

NHS England has not received all data for Informatica for March 2023. Due to this the March 2023 appointment counts for Informatica have been removed for this release of the publication. All other months included in this publication include data for Informatica. 

Informatica practices account for ~0.42% of appointments on average. 

Future publications will include the missing data once the issue is resolved.

27 April 2023 09:30 AM


The aim of the publication is to inform users about activity and usage of GP appointments historically and how primary care is impacted by seasonal pressures, such as winter.

NHS England publishes this information to support winter preparedness and provide information about some activity within primary care. The publication covers historic appointments, marked as attended or did not attend, from national to practice level coverage. The aim is to inform users, who range from a healthcare professional to an inquiring citizen, about appointments within primary care.

The publication includes data from participating practices using EMIS, TPP, Eva Health formerly known as Microtest (up until February 2021), Informatica, Cegedim (previously Vision) and Babylon (GP at Hand) GP systems.

NHS England produce this information monthly, containing information about the most recent month and previous months.

The publication includes important information, however it does not show the totality of GP activity/workload. The data presented only contains information which was captured on the GP practice systems. This limits the activity reported on and does not represent all work happening within a primary care setting or assess the complexity of activity.

No patient identifiable information has been collected or is included in this release.

Between December 2020 and present the data contained in this publication will no longer contain covid-19 vaccination activity collected from GP System Suppliers as part of the General Practice Appointments Data. These appointments have been removed using the methodology outlined in the supporting information. In order to gain a more complete picture of general practice activity we will publish covid-19 vaccination activity carried out by PCN’s or GP Practice’s from the NIMS (National Immunisation Management Service) vaccination dataset.

This publication now includes statistics on the duration of appointments, SDS role and the recorded national category, service setting and context type of the appointment. Both HCP Type and SDS role are currently presented for comparison purposes, but moving forward the intention is to only publish SDS Role Groups and remove HCP Type. Further information can be found in the supporting guidance below.

Key Facts

Number of Appointments

31.6 million appointments were estimated to have happened in March 2023, of which 4,000 were Covid vaccinations delivered by a practice/PCN.

Same Day Appointments

43.2% of appointments in March 2023 took place on the same day that they were booked.

Appointment Status

90.7% of all appointments were attended in March 2023.

Appointments with a GP

47.6% of all appointments in March 2023 were carried out by a GP and 20.9% were carried out by nurses.

Appointment Mode

70.1% of all appointments in March 2023 were carried out face to face.

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