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Adult Social Care Activity and Finance Report, England - 2019-20

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6. Reviews

The local authority has a legal responsibility to review the needs of an individual, which may result in a change in care plan for an individual to make sure that the adult’s needs continue to be met and they can achieve their desired outcomes. The person themselves also has the right to request a review of their care and support plan, if they wish.

Please Note: previously, local authorities reported a variety of data quality issues relating to their reviews data, for example, allocation between planned/unplanned reviews, reviews recorded as assessments or updates and so not captured as reviews. This should be considered when examining the data relating to this area, and particularly when considering local and national trends.

In 2019-20, 60.8% of clients who had been in receipt of long-term support for more than a year were reviewed within the reporting period (288,045 clients reviewed out of 474,115 clients in long-term support for more than a year).

As can be seen in Figure 23, the proportion of clients being reviewed varied by region from 45.1% to 74.1%. The highest review rate can be seen in the North East region.

Figure 25: Proportion of clients accessing long term support for more than 12 months at the end of the year that were reviewed in the year, 2019-20

Source: SALT Collection, 2019-20, NHS Digital - See Table 50 in Reference Data Tables

Figure 26 shows the number of clients reviewed in the year receiving either a planned review, unplanned review or both carried out within the year. The total number of clients reviewed increased by 3,860 from 2018-19.

Figure 26: Clients reviewed in the year by review type, 2019-20

Source: SALT Collection, 2019-20, NHS Digital - See Table 50 in Reference Data Tables

Data is also available on the number of reviews and their outcome. This information can be found in the data file which accompanies this report.

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