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Restrictive Intervention reporting in Tier 4 CYPMH inpatient services

This report aims to support the reduction in the need for the use of restrictive practices whilst ensuring that the human rights of the Children and Young People (CYP) and the appropriate safeguards are considered; thus improving the experience and outcomes for those young people within CYP Inpatient Mental Health Services.

Services will be able to use data from the report to support delivery of a quality improvement programme.

Mandatory and required restrictive practice metrics are collected from routine provider submission to the Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS).

The CYPMH MHSDS Restrictive Intervention monthly data quality reports include granular provider level and field level data compliance.

Reports 2023-2024

Reports 2022-2023 (shadow monitoring)

Reports 2021-2022 (shadow monitoring)

Reports 2020-2021 (shadow monitoring)

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