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Maternity Services Statistics

This monthly statistical release makes available the most recent Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) data from April 2015 onwards.

The data and analysis presented are badged as Experimental Statistics. This is to inform users of the data that the MSDS and its reported statistics are still in a developmental phase and may have issues pertaining to data quality. However both the analysis and data are still of value provided that users view them in the context of the data quality information provided. As the data set matures the coverage and the quality of the data being reported will improve enabling the data to become fit for a wider variety of beneficial uses.

The MSDS has been developed to help achieve better outcomes of care for mothers, babies and children.

As well as providing timely data, the data set also provides a wide range of information about care given to users of NHS-funded Maternity Services in England.

Each monthly release comprises:

  • an Executive Summary which presents analysis of key measures
  • an Excel Data Quality report which presents data quality measures at provider level
  • a Background Data Quality Report which provides an assessment of data quality
  • a monthly CSV file which contains summary data in a machine readable format
  • a metadata file to accompany the CSV file, providing contextual information
  • analysis by provider (interactive spreadsheet)

This information will be of particular interest to organisations involved in the delivery and commissioning of maternity services, as it presents timely information to support discussions between providers and commissioners of services.

For patients, researchers, agencies and the wider public it aims to provide up to date information about the people in contact with NHS-funded Maternity Services.

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    Maternity Services dashboard

    The Maternity Services dashboard aims to bring together maternity information from a range of different sources. It supports the aim of the Maternity Transformation Programme in implementing the Better Births report.

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    Maternity Services Data Set

    The Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) is a patient level data set that collects information on each stage of care for women as they go through pregnancy. As a secondary uses data set it re-uses clinical and operational data for purposes other than direct patient care.

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