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Compendium of Maternity Statistics, England, April 2015

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01 Apr 2013 to 31 Mar 2014


The Maternity Services Data Set has been developed as a key driver to achieving better outcomes of care for mothers and babies.


The data set will provide comparative, mother and child-centric data that will include information on the amount of care provided and the specific care received. This then can be used to improve clinical quality and service efficiency; and to commission services in a way that improves health and reduces inequalities.


This report has been produced to identify the current sources of maternity data, and consider the difficulties currently faced in the reporting of these statistics. The Maternity Services Data Set should address some of these difficulties by collecting and linking much of this information together.


The information presented within this report represents and brings together the available maternity data currently published from various data sources, thereby creating a "Compendium of maternity data".


• There were a total of 646,904 deliveries in 2013-14, which is a 3.6 per cent decrease from the 671,255 deliveries in 2012-13
• There were 2,705,024 outpatient appointments where obstetrics was the main specialty in 2013-14. There were also 2,363,805 midwife episode outpatient appointments. These account for is 6.2 per cent of all outpatient appointments across all specialties
• The person conducting the delivery was unknown in 18 per cent of deliveries (116,579), but of the known cases, 55.6 per cent (294,700) were conducted by registered midwives while 39.7 per cent (210,574) were conducted by a hospital doctor
• In September 2014, there 21,670 full time equivalent registered midwives working in Maternity Services and Neonatal Nursing (including SCBUs) in England, an increase of 1.8 per cent from the 21,284 midwives in September 2013 and 3.5 per cent more than that 20,935 midwives in September 2012
• During January 2014 to March 2014, 93.2 per cent of mothers were seen by a midwife or a maternity healthcare professional for health and social care assessment of needs, risks & choices by 12 weeks & 6 days of pregnancy


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