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NHS111PS – NHS 111 Patient Experience Surveys

Providers of NHS 111 / IUC Services should, for each of the contract areas where they provide these services, survey their callers to gather feedback, and supply that data to NHS England every six months. This supplements the NHS 111 telephony data collected by NHS England and published monthly.


The collection opens each April and October. Data gathered include satisfaction with NHS 111, whether advice was followed, if the problem improved, and what callers would have done if NHS 111 was not available. Data are collected for each NHS 111 contract area, of which there were 38 in July 2018, covered by 18 different organisations.

Published data can be found on NHS England's website

Launch and submission dates

Reporting period Submission start date Submission end date
NHS111PS-202021-H2 1 April 2022 6 May 2022


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