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General Practice Annual Electronic Self-Declaration (eDEC)

The electronic practice self-declaration (eDEC) is a mandatory collection which all GP practices in England must complete every year.

What we ask for

The information we ask for in the eDEC covers eight areas:

  • practice details (such as name and address)
  • practice staff
  • practice premises and equipment
  • practice services
  • information about the practice and its procedures
  • governance
  • compliance with Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration requirements
  • general practice (GP) information technology (IT)

Each section will already be populated with the answers the practice provided the previous year. The person completing the declaration needs to check these and update them if they have changed.

How this information is used

NHS England and NHS Improvement regional local teams will use the information GP practices provide to check GP practices are fulfilling their contractual requirements.

Clinical Commissioning Groups that commission primary care services under formal delegation from NHS England and NHS Improvement receive information from the annual electronic practice self-declaration that they need to support their delegated functions.

CQC use it to check that GP practices meet the CQC registration requirements, including complying with the law and in particular the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 (Part 3) (as amended). The answers to the questions relating to CQC’s regulatory requirements will form part of their pre-inspection documentation, to reduce practice workload in line with our commitments in the General Practice Forward View.

What information is made public

The answers you give to some of the questions could be published on the NHS website, The answers that might be published are:

  • practice services
  • contact details such as the phone number, patient email address, and Facebook page
  • information on wheelchair accessibility
  • opening times
  • the practice catchment area
  • use of summary care record with additional information - whether the practice enriches the summary care record of patients who have given their consent
  • online appointment booking - whether the practice makes 25% of their total appointments available for booking online

What information will be made available to health and care stakeholders

The answers you give to some of the questions will be available to anyone in the NHS and approved stakeholders with access to The answers that might be made available are:

  • use of NHS numbers (question 6F) – whether the practice makes sure a validated NHS number is used in all NHS clinical correspondence including referrals (except in exceptional circumstances where the NHS number is not known and can not be found out)
  • Data Protection Officer (question 6K) – whether the practice has appointed a Data Protection Officer or has plans to do so
  • GP IT (questions 8A-8P) – all answers
  • the practice catchment area

Who should complete the eDEC

Every GP practice should submit the eDEC as it is a mandatory return.

A senior member of practice staff, for example the practice manager or senior partner, should complete the eDEC. Only one person in each practice will be given the permissions to complete it. This is likely to be the same person who completes the K041b complaints collection.

Get access to eDEC on the SDCS

The eDEC is submitted through the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS). 

You need to have:

  • the correct permissions set by the data collections service
  • an NHS Digital single sign-on (SSO) account

Most participants will already have these set up, and will get an invitation email. You should then follow the instructions in the email to access SDCS.

Follow the instructions in the automated email

When you have been granted permissions, you will get an automated email including:

Click the link in the email to take you to the SDCS sign in screen, click the Sign in button on the top right hand corner and enter your:

  • username - your registered email address that the email was sent to 
  • password - the password for your single sign-in account
I have forgotten my password

You can reset your SSO password at any time by clicking Forgotten details on the sign-in screen and following the instructions.

I have received an email but do not have a single sign-on account

Click on the link in the email to go to the SDCS homepage, and click on Sign in. From there, you can click on Register to register your single sign-in account. Use the same email address that the invitation email was sent to.

My practice has not received an invitation email

Ask your CCG to send us a request to set you up with the correct permissions.

Guidance on how to request permissions and set up a single sign-on account

I need to submit for more than one organisation

Make sure your CCG includes all the organisations you need to submit declarations for, in the request to the data collections service.

Complete the eDEC

When you have logged in to SDCS, click the Submissions drop-down and select New.

EDEC should appear in the Collection field - if not, select it from the drop-down.

Click Create to go to the eDEC submission page.

Here you can see a list of GP practices that you have been registered to submit for, and the current status of each submission.

Click on the name of the practice to open the eDEC submission form main page.

From here you can click on sections to open them, view the fields and the entries given in the previous eDEC submission, and click Change to change these if you need to.

Some questions are marked as optional or voluntary. You do not have to answer these, but completing these questions will help us plan to better support GP practices in the future.

You can navigate in and out of sections as many times as you need to. Click Save and continue to save your progress, or Save and complete to save a section and mark it as complete on the main page.

Enter your catchment area

We have provided a tool for you to map your catchment area.

You need to:

  • select the marker tool and click on the location of your practice to mark it on the map
  • select the polygon tool and click round the edges of your catchment area, finishing by clicking on your first point to close the loop, to draw the catchment area

catchment area screenshot

Enter details for branch practices

If your practice has branch practices, you can enter details including opening hours in the practice details section in 1J. It's assumed that the answers you give in the main declaration will apply equally to branch practices. If there are differences, let us know the details in the supporting information section in question 10D.

Submitting your electronic declaration

When all the sections show as completed on the main page, you can submit your declaration.

Get help

If you need further support or experience technical difficulties, contact with eDEC as the subject line.

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