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Integrated Specialist Survey - guidance for trusts and health professionals

This single programme-wide survey replaces the existing organisational surveys to ease the administrative burden and streamline the collection.

About the survey

The National Diabetes Audit Integrated Specialist Survey was added to the National Diabetes Audit (NDA) programme in 2020. It is an organisational survey that covers all specialist services across the NDA programme, encompassing all modules and workstreams. The survey replaces all previous organisational surveys so that the burden of collating the data is reduced.

The survey is based on the recommendations in the Diabetes ‘Getting it right first time’ (GIRFT) report and for pregnancy on NICE  Quality Standard 109 – Diabetes in Pregnancy.

The survey will be conducted at trust level and carried out on an annual basis in October - it will look at services as of 1 October each year.

This survey will be sent out to all registered hospital Trusts in England and Wales.

The data will be used to look at diabetes services across England and Wales. It will highlight good quality and/or inadequate practices and look at where improvement can be made to make a real difference to patient care.

The data will be published in an aggregate form in each of the national audit reports for each workstream.

The data collection for 2021 goes live on Monday 18 October 2021. The submission deadline is 22 November 2021.

For further information about the audit please email or call 0300 303 5678. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

For general enquiries please email

The survey should be completed for specialist diabetes services across your Trust as at 1 October 2021.

This is a Trust level data collection so data from all hospitals within the Trust should be combined and submitted as one.

Notes to read before completing the survey

Audit lead or contact

You should have received your log-in details for the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) platform. If you have not received these, email

If you need to change the key contact at any point during the collection you must also contact to update.

The Integrated Specialist Survey can start to be completed as soon as you have downloaded it from the SDCS system.

Access the data submission site.

Read guidance on collection portal.

Once you are logged on, you can download the Excel form template, complete your sections and circulate to colleagues via email to help with completion.

All staff

You need to provide your answers in the response boxes next to the questions relevant to your team and service. 

Not every question has help notes. We have only provided these where we felt these are needed. If you need further guidance, please email

Remember to save the form to your computer after completing any questions and before emailing it onto other colleagues to complete their sections.

You can email the form to different members of staff to complete the necessary sections. The form should be returned to the Audit lead to coordinate and submit the completed form via the SDCS system within one week of the submission deadline.

The SDCS Collections team will assist you with your submission if the form does not pass all the validation checks upon file upload onto the SDCS portal.  


A sample template for the National Diabetes Audit Integrated Specialist Survey

This template is for information only and to help Trusts to plan for submission and can not be used to collate the data, or be uploaded onto the submission page.

The correct template must be downloaded from the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) via the log in received by the key contact.

Further information

internal National Diabetes Audit Programme

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) Programme was originally developed to help improve services and monitor the impact of the diabetes national service framework (NSF).

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