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Appendix 1 - the Capability Review

The review's main objectives were to:

  • review our current capacity and capabilities against the emerging requirements relating to the delivery of the Personalised Health and Care 2020 strategy as well as our existing statutory and corporate commitments
  • identify the future direction for our delivery model and any changes that are required
  • consolidate the work that is currently in progress through the Digital Transformation portfolio to improve the way we engage with and support our clients and stakeholders
  • ensure that the relationships and working arrangements with our national partners (notably the Department of Health and NHS England) are fit for the governance and assurance purposes to support the delivery of Personalised Health and Care 2020
  • agree plans for further enhancement of our new operating model, both tactically by strengthening our workforce planning capabilities and strategically, through a new workforce strategy

The review was intended to inform the next phase of NHS Digital's organisational transformation.

Capability-reviewArtboard 8-800

The review considered the role of NHS Digital from several perspectives. For some of the critical aspects of the review, we were supported by external advisers (Accenture and Deloitte), to ensure an independent and objective approach. They also met with many of our important stakeholders, to gather their views.

The components of the review were:

  • our transformation and new operating model, which we introduced in April 2016
  • our delivery model, including our work on cyber security (supported by Accenture)
  • our approach to assurance (supported by Deloitte)
  • capabilities in commercial, legal and procurement (supported by Accenture)
  • our data strategy, which was published in December 2016
  • client engagement (supported by Deloitte)
  • workforce strategy (supported by Deloitte)

Detailed reports were produced for each of these aspects of the review.

We have also received a summary of the key headlines from the review, produced on our behalf by our advisers.

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