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Creating a new NHS England: Health Education England, NHS Digital and NHS England have merged. More about the merger.

How data is used to improve health and care

Using data has huge benefits for health and care. Find out how our work helps the NHS and social care.

How our health and care data works for everyone

Our NHS is unique. In England it looks after 55 million people, from the time we are born until the end of our lives.

The information in our health and care records can be put together to create a set of data that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. It’s not about anyone’s individual data, but about the data of millions of us as a population.

This data, from across the whole population, is used to monitor and improve care, and it's one of the great strengths of our health service.

But we all know that our health and care information is sensitive, and needs to be kept safe.

This is why NHS Digital exists. We were created to collect and look after this important information and enable it to be used safely, to improve health and care now, and for future generations.

How our data is used

Good data is the foundation of a successful health and care system. Our data is used across health and care to improve care for everyone.

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