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Assessment discharge and withdrawal - developer resource

The ADW Specification defines a number of messages to support the exchange of structured information between healthcare and social care organisations.

The ADW specification currently covers the following information flow:

Transfers of care from hospital to social services for patients with care and support needs

The requirements for this information flow are defined in the regulations under the Care Act 2014. The Act describes a series of notices that must be sent from hospitals to adult social services to support the discharge of hospital patients who have care and support needs.

The notices are defined as:

Assessment notice

This is used by the hospital to inform social services that an assessment of the patient’s care and support needs is required. Where known, it includes an expected discharge date.

Discharge notice

Following the issue of an assessment notice, a discharge notice is sent by the hospital to social services to confirm the patient’s proposed discharge date.

Withdrawal notice

This is used to withdraw a previously issued assessment notice and/or a discharge notice. A withdrawal notice may be required to be issued for a number of reasons, for example because the patient’s medical condition has changed or the patient is eligible for NHS Continuing Health Care.

Implementable specification versions

The table below contains the beta versions of the ADW specifications.

These specifications are deemed to be stable enough for first of type and pilot implementations.

All versions are based on the FHIR® DSTU2 standard.

Status Release Version Release Date Containing capabilities Details
Beta ADW 5.0.0-beta n/a Information to support ADW Current beta version of specification for ADW.
Warning - beta specifications are still subject to some changes, but these changes will be done under a RFC / CCN process involving first of type stakeholders.

Additional message guidance

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