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Spine technical information: Warranted Environment Specification (WES)

Computer systems which access NHS Digital services through Spine have to meet certain technical standards. The Warranted Environment Specification (WES) defines the client environments that we support.

What the WES includes

The WES covers:

  • operating systems
  • browsers
  • Java Virtual Machines (JVMs)
  • Smartcard printer drivers

Systems suppliers and staff responsible for health and care technical infrastructure must check that the environments they are using meet these specifications and are fully supported. Updates must be carried out when recommended, to make sure all services keep running properly without interruption.

Check the vendor support roadmap to see when products like operating systems and browsers will stop being supported, to help with planning and service development.

Latest WES update

The significant change within the latest version is an update on Java 8.191 support and IA 2.2.2 release date of March 2019 and confirmation IE Compatibility Mode is not supported. 


  • resolves the multiple Smartcard errors on machines with mobile SIM readers and a SIM card inserted. Windows 10 build 1803 and later
  • resolves the issue of the user being logged out of Windows when the Smartcard is removed while Windows screensaver is active and session lock is enabled (W8.1 & W10)

Download the latest Warranted Environment Specification and vendor support roadmap.

Last edited: 7 June 2019 7:12 am