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Software product support information

The expandable fields below describe the support status of third party products commonly used in conjunction with NHS England’s own products.

Please note the support status shown here is in the context of that product in isolation. To see if the product is compatible with NHS Digital smartcard enabled services, please consult the Warrantied Environment Specification.

Identity Agent

The Identity Agent is required when accessing Spine systems using a Smartcard. 

Identity Agent Current status
NHS Digital IA v2.3 Supported
NHS Digital IA v2.2.3.9 Supported
NHS Digital IA v2.2.3.7 Supported
NHS Digital IA v2.2 Supported
NHS Digital IA v2.1.2.16 Unsupported
NHS Digital IA v2.3.2.0 Supported
Credential Management

 NHS Credential Management software is required if using a smartcard with CIS2 Authentication.

NHS Credential Management Current status
NHS Credential Management V1.1.0.0 Supported

Previous versions named NHS Identity Hub which is now not supported and should be upgraded to the NHS Credential Management. 

Operating systems
Operating system Current status
Windows 10 64-bit End of extended support on 14 October 2025
Windows Server 2016 End of extended support on 12 January 2027

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