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SMS test environments

Descriptions and links for the NHS Digital SMS test environments. 

Opentest (Non-HSCN using VPN)

The Opentest system is a platform based on Spine 2 Core, to which healthcare applications developers can connect their systems. Unlike the formal Path to Live environments, there are very few preconditions. You do not even need have to have a working system.

Opentest environments are not hosted on the NHS HSCN network (formerly N3) so the Information Governance Statement of Conformance (IGSoC) is not required before use.

Path to Live formal development and integration environments (HSCN)

The formal Path to Live environments are hosted on HSCN (formerly N3) and as such the Information Governance Statement of Conformance (IGSoC) is required before use, as this is a prerequisite for connecting to HSCN.

To learn more, see Path to Live environments.

Further information

internal Stage 1: Getting started quick start

Enables a developer to become familiar with a typical journey that they will take to develop and deploy their solution in a live care setting.

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