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Information for integrated care boards (ICBs)

Information and guidance to support ICBs with adoption of the Register with a GP surgery service.

ICBs play a crucial role in shaping the future of local digital services. Find out how you can familiarise yourself with the benefits of our new online service, and encourage practices to consider the benefits of using it.

Blogs, testimonials and roadmap

Consider the benefits of using the national service in your area:

  • improved accessibility
  • data quality
  • available features
  • time savings for both practices and patients


Spread the message to GP practices

You should encourage practice managers in your area to:

You can help us to spread this message to practices using any channels you have available, such as newsletters, emails and events.

Slide deck

When presenting to colleagues about the Register with a GP surgery service, you may find this slide deck a useful resource. It highlights the benefits and features of the service.


Nina Crump, Primary Care Digital Programme Manager at Surrey Heartlands ICB, talks about her experience of adopting the Register with a GP surgery service.

Information to share with GP practices

The following assets are available for your use in the zip file below:

  • Email to practices template - introduction to the service
  • How bulk enrol
  • How to register using Profile Manager
  • QR Code - demo registration
  • Service welcome letter template

Enable enrolments

If you are considering enrolling a large number of GP practices, for example all the practices within an ICB, then please get in touch with our onboarding team to discuss how the transition to our service can be eased. 

Email: [email protected] 

Track increase in uptake

If you are encouraging use of the service in your area, keep checking the dashboard to see the impact of your activity.

If you would like our help to track the success of particular initiatives in your area please contact the team.

Email: [email protected] 

Promote the service to patients

Once the uptake in your area reaches a high percentage, you may wish to promote it regionally.

You can use our resources:

  • copy for websites, newsletters or Facebook groups
  • suggested tweets
  • social media images
  • digital banners
  • waiting room screensavers
  • posters and flyers 

If your comms teams want to change any materials, email: [email protected].

You can also follow us on social media for shareable content about the service.

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