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Covid-19 response for April 2020 reconfiguration changes

The Organisation Data Service (ODS) is seeking to minimise any change activity that could impact NHS operations during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

A series of data changes are being implemented to support the introduction of CCG mergers, Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) into the hierarchy, commissioning hub changes and NHS Trust acquisitions.

These changes would normally result in a number of organisations becoming ‘legally’ closed including old CCGs and trusts. However, to minimise any burden to the NHS during this pressured time and remove any non-critical activity, these organisations will remain open within our data.

These organisations will be closed in the future with a date of 31/03/2020. ODS will ensure that this is communicated well in advance.  

Covid-19 response for April 2020 reconfiguration changes presentation

Learn more about these changes and a find a list of the organisations involved. 

Last edited: 2 April 2020 10:54 am