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Primary Care Registration

The Registration system forms one of the largest population databases in operation in England and Wales.

The Registration system forms one of the largest population databases in operation in England and Wales. Managing a total of 60 million records, it forms the core of an extensive primary care management base centred on a computerised index of NHS patients.

Used by all health and commissioning authorities, the Registration system contains the general identity details of patients registered with NHS GPs and is linked electronically with the National Health Service Central Register (NHSCR), in Southport.

The Registration system is made of up three closely linked components:

  • the main Registration system
  • the Address system
  • the HA/GP Links Registration system

Registration data provides the base used to calculate capitation payments to GPs, and is also used by screening systems for selection of patients for participation in screening programmes.

The Registration system also holds comprehensive details of health care services available within the health authority's area.

Download the Registration user_reference manual

The Address System

Patient addresses provide an essential source of information for each authority, with details used in the calculation of GP deprivation payments, in planning, mapping, statistics and in screening/monitoring programmes.

The Address System uses the Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) as the best available source of information, to ensure that address data held on each authorities database is consistent and conforms to a recognised standard.

Features of the Address System include:

  • manual and automatic address matching enabling patient addresses to be verified against the PAF
  • address validation during patient registration or amendment of address details
  • quarterly updates to the Royal Mail PAF to ensure that address data remains accurate

Download the Address System User Reference Manual

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