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Prescribed Specialised Services (PSP) Planning Tool 2019/20

The Prescribed Specialised Services 2019/20 Planning Tool, along with supporting documentation can be downloaded here. This tool implements the NHS England Identification Rules that are to be used to support the planning rounds for 2019/20.

To note, this product will be superseded by the Prescribed Specialised Services (PSO) Operational Tool 2019/20, which will be published in March 2019, aligned with the release of the finalised HRG4+ Local Payment Grouper 2019/20.

Download the Prescribed Specialised Services Planning Tool 2019/20 application

This product has been updated with the new Identification Rules to be used in 2019/20 (as specified by NHS England Specialised Commissioning).

The functionality of this product has been updated and users are strongly advised to read the Summary of Changes document that is available below as part of this release.

If you have any questions or issues about the functionality of the PSS Planning Tool 2019/20, please contact

For enquires about the Identification Rule derivation, please contact NHS England at

Download documents

PSP 1920 Tool Summary of Changes - this document provides the list of changes to both the product and Identification Rules from the last release.

PSP 1920 Tool User Manual - this document provides full instructions on preparing and processing data using the Tool.

PSP 1920 Tool Prescribed Services Guide to Identification Rules - this workbook provides guidance on understanding the details of the code sets and associated logic used in the derivation of the PS flags, as generated by the product.

PSP 1920 Planning Tool sample data and expected results - the sample data folder contains both Admitted Patient Care (APC) and Non-Admitted Consultations (NAC) data for testing purposes. It also includes the expected results in files, as generated by the Tool. 

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