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Downloads - Groupers and Tools

Download the latest HRG4+ Costing or Payment Groupers and the latest Prescribed Specialised Services Tool, along with their supporting documents


Payment Grouper

Download the latest products and documentation, related to the National Reimbursement System.

Costing Grouper

Download the latest Costing Grouper and documentation, to be used in conjunction with the National Cost collection.

Prescribed Specialised Services (PSS) Tool

Download the latest version of the Tool, which is commissioned by NHS England Specialised Commissioning to apply their specification of the most current version of the identification rules.

Grouper development and expected publication dates


Development stage

Expected publication date

Consultation Grouper (C2022/23) Published 17 December 2021
PS Tool Operational (PSO 2022/23) Published 25 March 2022
Local Payment Grouper (LP2022/23)  Published 31 March 2022 
National Costs Grouper (NC2021/22) Published 28 February 2022

Archived material

Visit our archive to view and download historical versions of Groupers and documentation. 

Last edited: 31 March 2022 11:08 am