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Payment Groupers

Download the latest products and documentation, related to the National Reimbursement System.

Current products

Local Payment Grouper 2021/22

Download the updated HRG4+ 2021/22 Local Payment Grouper application and associated documentation suite, which subsumes and replaces the Consultation Grouper 2021/22 published on 24 February 2021. The updated Grouper should be used for the 2021/22 financial year from 1 April 2021, as it contains the latest updates to the underlying ICD-10 classification, as well as updates to the CDS 6.2.0 with regard to new Main Specialty and Treatment Function codes.

Consultation Grouper 2021/22

Download the HRG4+ 2021/22 Consultation Grouper application and associated documentation suite.

Archived material

Visit our archive to view and download historical versions of Groupers and documentation. 

Last edited: 17 March 2021 4:11 pm