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HRG4+ 2020/21 National Costs Grouper

Download the latest Costing Grouper and documentation suite, to be used in conjunction with the National Costs Collection

HRG4+ 2020/21 National Costs Grouper

Download the HRG4+ National Costs Grouper application

Please read the Summary of Changes provided with this release to understand the changes made since the HRG4+ 2018/19 Reference Costs Grouper and the update to the Grouper software application.

Download documents

Summary of Changes - this document summarises the updates to both the product and underlying design from the last Costing Grouper release. Users are advised to read before using the latest Grouper.

Casemix Companion - this document is a starting point and general reference guide for anyone interested in learning about the casemix classification system. It gives an introduction to HRGs, groupers, HRG4+ design concepts and grouping logic.

Grouper User Manual - this document explains how data should be sorted and presented for processing by the Grouper. 

Chapter Summaries - this document provides an overview of the scope, composition and grouping logic of individual subchapters, including the update to the HRG design.

Code to Group - this workbook provides details of constituent elements that contribute to HRG grouping. It contains reference data, such as the ICD-10 and OPCS-4 codes used in the design, procedure and diagnosis hierarchies relevant to a specific design, and the Complication and Comorbidities lists for HRG subchapters. It also includes information on Programme Budgeting Category (PBC) mapping and a comprehensive list of HRG codes and labels.

Test data and expected results - this folder contains sample data that can be used to test the Grouper installation (running the sample data should result in 90% grouped, 10% ungrouped). The file format is representative of that in the sample RDFs, provided within the Grouper application. These files can be used as example patient data, or as a template to understand the required input to the Grouper to enable successful grouping.

Trimpoints - the workbook identifying the episode and spell-level trimpoints is no longer necessary as these are no longer applicable in the National Costs Collection for 2020/21, as per the NHS England and Improvement specification.


Further information

The National Costs collection is carried out and supported by NHS England and Improvement. Find out more on the NHS England » Approved Costing Guidance 2021: Prescribed Guidance and Tools website.

Archived material

Visit our archive to view and download historical versions of Groupers and documentation. 

Last edited: 29 April 2021 11:41 am