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ITK3 Test Harness release notes

Release notes for the ITK3 Test Harness have been published.


HAPI validator v3.6.0 integrated into the ITK3 Test Harness


ITK3 Test Harness functionality

All currently supported ITK3 responses functional via the Harness.

ITK3 Test Harness uplifted to ITK3 Message Distribution specification ITK3 2.5.1 beta.

Test messages

Downloadable pack of Transfer of Care test messages available for use by implementers.

ITK3 Test Harness user guidance

User guidance documentation published.

ITK3 Test Harness informational webpages published.

HAPI reports

HAPI validator v3.4.0 integrated into the ITK3 Test Harness.

HAPI reports made available by return of email or via portal access.

Filtered out informational and Warning alerts not required.

Formatted reports.


ITK3 Test Harness functionality

Pre-release version of ITK3 Test Harness developed against ITK3 Message Distribution specification ITK3 2.4.0 beta.

Last edited: 12 July 2019 10:56 am