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Downloads and data - ITK developer resources

Download tools and source code for developers relating to the Interoperability Toolkit (ITK). This content was previously found on the platform.

Minimum Data Set for FHIR documents and ITK responses – Transfer of Care (ToC)

ITK3 Test Harness user guidance

ITK Spine Mini Services Provider Reference Java

Spine Mini Services Provider (SMSP) example solution for PDS mini services, using the HSCIC Toolkit Workbench (TKW). The bit bucket download contains a documented guide to the java source code.

ITK Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Framework C#.NET

A set of C# .NET classes which provide an ITK compliant SOAP handler. The release note within the bundle provides detail of the dependencies on other libraries, also included within the download.

ITK payloads library

Reference implementation project

Last edited: 30 March 2021 1:48 pm