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Earl Mountbatten Hospice

Mountbatten Hospice has been the Isle of Wight's only hospice for 35 years and is known for innovation across the UK and beyond. They provide expert medical, nursing and domiciliary end of life care and bereavement support to people in their own homes, care homes and in the local hospital. Earl Mountbatten Hospice were one of the first organisations to connect to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), taking part in the HSCN early adopters scheme. They were supported throughout the process by the HSCN programme team and their new connection went live in November 2017.

HSCN is connecting the health and care workforce



Palliative care nurse Annie Tavener says the new HSCN is helping her support patients in their homes.

The Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight, where Annie works, was one of the earliest charity sector adopters of HSCN – and it has significantly improved her ability to link to IT services while on the move.

“We can keep our notes and ledgers completely up-to-date as we talk to patients and that information can be shared instantly with GPs and district nurses who need access to these records,” Annie says.

HSCN is replacing the N3 network. Instead of a single broadband network for health providers, HSCN offers a choice of suppliers offering security enhanced network connectivity and ensures they are completely interoperable with national, regional and local systems.

Mountbatten, like many small organisations, previously relied on an N3 connection from its local hospital trust. The new connection is tailored to Mountbatten’s needs, is cheaper and offers better functionality, including allowing nurses in the community to connect remotely using a secure virtual private network (VPN).

“Being able to work remotely and access systems with a patient in their home – or from my own home – does mean I don’t waste time travelling to and from the office to collect notes. That is a huge time saver that can be used to spend more time with patients on one-to-one care,” Annie says.

The new connection also gives nurses in the hospice better access to hospital information, will improve integration with social care and improved bandwidth has raised the possibility of introducing video call support for patients.

Last edited: 3 June 2019 2:32 pm