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Download the latest statistics, GP planned go-lives and more

The GP and dispenser implementation statistics, utilisation, eRD and nomination data can all now be found on the new EPS Power BI dashboard for implementation and business change.

Nominations by dispenser

Download the number of nominations set by dispensing contractor.

If the nominations figures you can see appear to be out of date, please contact

Advance notice: changes to nomination data

As part of ongoing data quality improvements, a review of EPS nomination reporting is taking place. This review will involve a data cleanse, removing nominations which are of deceased, superseded, invalid, and test patients from the reported figures.

This data cleanse will impact the published national, local and dispenser level figures for nominations. The scale of the reduction for different organisations will be dependent on factors such as how long EPS has been in use within the organisation, population demographics within the organisation client base and provider type.

The date of this change will be Monday 3 October 2022.  The change will affect the count of nominations only - the format of this data will remain unchanged.

If you have any queries about this upcoming change, contact New nomination data will not be released before 3 October 2022.

GP planned go lives, live sites and utilisation

This report has been retired and the information is now available from deployment and utilisation progress data  

It can be found in the data table section of the EPS dashboard or in downloadable format in the eRD data CSV monthly downloads.  Estimates have been removed due to data inaccuracies.  Please email with any issues 


Last edited: 20 September 2022 8:25 am