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Download the latest statistics, GP planned go-lives and more.

SCAL notice for suppliers

Please refer to the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) as the definitive source of supplier information and guidance for EPS development. You will receive the SCAL when you begin the EPS onboarding process.

The GP and dispenser implementation statistics, utilisation, eRD and nomination data can all now be found on the new EPS Power BI dashboard for implementation and business change.

Nomination by dispenser

Download the number of nominations set by dispensing contractor.

If the nominations figures you can see appear to be out of date, please contact [email protected].

GP planned go lives, live sites and utilisation

This report has been retired and the information is now available from deployment and utilisation progress data.

It can be found in the data table section of the EPS dashboard or in downloadable format in the eRD data CSV monthly downloads. Estimates have been removed due to data inaccuracies.

Please email [email protected] with any issues.

Last edited: 22 April 2024 9:15 am